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What's Shenmue / Score: 10
Published by Sega and Developed by Sega-AM2

What's Shenmue is a demo which tells people a few stuff about the world of Shenmue and the people living in it. It was originally handed out to people in Japan in June of 1999.

The game has two mini-games in it: a small QTE which involes Ryo and two thugs which you meet again in the final version of the game and another QTE which has you chasing then-Sega president Yukawa-san.

You are pretty much limited to the places you can go to as the only place you are able to walk around in is Dobuita. People also stand in the way of certain areas which are unaccessible. The demo also has renders of Ryo, Mark, Shenhua, and Xiuying explaining to you various parts of the game.

What's Shenmue is not a must-own for casual fans, but for those who are diehard fans of the Shenmue series (like I am), you should search on eBay for a copy of this. It'll cost you a lot, but it's worth it.

-- MajorLocke