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History of the Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast was released on September 9th, 1999 and was a hit with the gaming population. Being the first console to sport a built-in 56k modem, the Dreamcast was the first console with online gaming out of the box. Although no online games were available on day one, you could surf the internet with the system.

Although support for the system ultimately waned, publishers like Capcom and Sega themselves still supported the Dreamcast to the end (and still do in Japan with new and re-releases).

System Specs
CPU: Hitachi SH-4 128bit 200Mhz
Graphics Processor: NEC/VideoLogic PowerVR
Main RAM: 16 MB
Memory Bandwidth: 3.2 GB/sec
Graphics RAM: 8 MB
Theoretical Performance: 3 million polygons
Estimated Performance: 1.5 million polygons

10 Games You Must Own (in alphabetical order)
Crazy Taxi
Grandia II
Jet Grind Radio
Phantasy Star Online
Shenmue II
Skies of Arcadia
Sonic Adventure
Soul Calibur

9/9/99 - the Dreamcast is released and launches with one of the best launch line-ups in video game history, which included games like Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, and NFL 2K
9/7/00 - Sega launches; you can now play games like NFL 2K1 and Quake III Arena online
1/31/01 - Sega releases Phantasy Star Online in the U.S., which was the first online RPG for a console