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Tuesday, April 22th, 2003
Onimusha Tactics Japanese Release Date Revealed
Note: The following article is from All credit goes to them for this information.

Onimusha Tactics for Game Boy Advance will be released in Japan on July 25, Capcom announced today. The import version of the handheld skirmish strategy game set in medieval Japan will thus arrive about three months before the American version, which is due in October.

Meanwhile, Capcom delayed the Japanese release of Aladdin for GBA, a revival of the 16-bit favorite, by one month. It will now arrive in Japan this August.

Sega Announces New Vectorman Game
Note: The following article is from All credit goes to them for this information.

As mentioned in these pages last week, and now officially announced, Sega is reviving the Vectorman franchise on PlayStation 2 early next year. Developed by Cel Damage creators Pseudo Interactive, Vectorman brings back the loose-limbed robot hero made moderately famous in the latter days of the Sega Genesis.

Vectorman, you may remember, is the modular green fellow made out of interlocking orbs -- an Orbot, in the parlance of his world. His mission is to free the world of Gamma 6 from the evil dictator Volt, using 15 weapons and 25 modifications to expand his abilities and scrap his enemies.

Pseudo's creation brings Vectorman into the modern age of 3D -- it's a third-person shooter with interactive environments filled with destructible objects. Vectorman can smash objects around him to create cover, open up new areas, or attack enemies with falling rubble. Sega also promises advanced artificial intelligence to bring Vectorman's world to life, with peaceful Orbot NPCs reacting to the violence around them and smart enemies adjusting their tactics according to Vectorman's attacks.

"'Vectorman' doles out destruction in spades," said Sega VP of marketing Mike Fischer. "With a massive arsenal of circuit-shredding weapons and upgrades, things are bound to get messy. You'll almost start feeling bad for the Orbots. Almost."

Sega's announcement notes that SCEA has not issued concept approval for the new Vectorman, but that's likely just a formality. Expect first impressions from the game's debut at E3 next month.